Kate Middleton Pregnancy Update: Prince Harry Already Deemed "Coolest Uncle" in Polls [PHOTOS]

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It has been only been a couple weeks since the Royal Couple announced their pregnancy, but fans as excited as they have already voted Prince Harry as the "Coolest Uncle" in a recent poll.

As the whole world gets excited about the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, poll voters seem to be getting the same royal pregnancy frenzy.

According to the Daily Mail, 85% of men, while 95% of women are sure that Prince Harry would be a "pretty cool" uncle.

There's no need for a poll to confirm it though, it's quite obvious that Harry has been leading a life filled with adventure and excitement, and once the baby is of the right age, he or she will surely enjoy his or her Uncle Harry's company.

Regardless of Harry's "wild past," it will be no surprise if Harry will also be a hands-on uncle to Kate and William's child. Harry and Kate have proven their bond during times of distress, especially when Harry was involved in a string of scandals earlier this year. Kate advised her husband, William, to comfort and be "soft" on Harry instead of scrutinizing him even more.

So is Harry just as excited for the arrival of the royal heir?

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