Kate Middleton Pregnancy Update: 5 Things the Duchess Needs, from Food to Fashion [PHOTOS]


Read along to find out Kate Middleton's essential soon-to-be-mommy needs.

Being the wife of Prince William, it is easy to say that Catherine gets it all. But being practical hinders all those who want to pamper her and this is why she is well-loved by many. Despite her thriftiness and love for everything without a huge price tag, the Duchess still needs

1.       Comfortable (and affordable) maternity clothing

Yesterday, it was reported that Kate went shopping for stretchy pants called "jeggings" at the Gap and checked out some dresses at Topshop. Catherine was not able to make any purchases since she's struggling to find the right "leg length," that's why she needs her personalized pants to make her feel at her most comfortable.

2.       Morning Sickness Treatment

After being diagnosed with an acute morning sickness ailment last December, Kate is currently struggling to keep food down due to violent vomiting. Her friend, Jessica Hay, revealed that the Duchess is undergoing hypnosis to ward off negative thoughts about food. "The hypnotherapy is taking away any negative thoughts connected with food from the morning sickness, and replacing them with cravings for healthy, nutritious food." said Hay in a report.

3.       Gentle, Relaxing Yoga

One of the ways Catherine finds physical peace during this trying time is through steady and gentle yoga routines for pregnant women. "The yoga calms and centres her and helps deal with any stress she's feeling" also claims Jessica in a report by Mirror.co.uk. "She's been seeing the Queen's personal doctors and they've told her no strenuous exercise but they have said gentle, regular yoga is a good thing if it relaxes her" added Hay in the same post.

4.       Nutritious Food and Snacks

Her morning sickness ailment has caused the Duchess to literally throw up all the food she eats. While Catherine is under the watchful eyes of royal aides and doctors, her daily intake of nutritious food should also be monitored. According to a royal report, the pregnant duchess munches on regular servings of berries, avocado, and broccoli. She also likes ­oatmeal, and vegetable smoothies to boost her vitamin intake.

5.       Love and Support

This is an area where Kate is surely getting lots of. Aside from being well-loved by her immediate family, Catherine gets much affection from followers and supporters. Though a pregnant woman needs her time away from the spotlight, Kate is ensured of all the affection she'll get from now until she stays in the public's eye.

"But all in all Catherine's very happy. With so much family around her and William they're starting to enjoy the pregnancy after such a traumatic start" assured Hay.

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