Kate Middleton Pregnancy News: Duchess of Cambridge Discharged from Hospital [PHOTOS]

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The pregnant Kate Middleton managed to mouth the words "much better" with a smile on Thursday after being discharged from Edward VII hospital in London.

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was rushed to the hospital on Monday due to hyperemesis gravidarum which is an uncommon and dangerous form of morning sickness.

Kate Middleton still looked delicate as he held onto Prince William's arm for support with a small bouquet of yellow roses on her other hand. Kate's baby bump was concealed from the dark woolen coat she wore against the English chill. The limousine waiting outside of the hospital whisked the Duchess of Cambridge away for a continued bed rest at Kensington Palace.

 Prince Charles expressed his happiness that Kate Middleton is already released from the hospital.

"I'm very glad my daughter-in-law is getting better, thank goodness," Prince Charles stated. The 64-year-old father of Prince William also said he is excited to become a grandfather.

"I'm thrilled, marvelous. It's a very nice thought to become a grandfather in my old age, if I can say so," Prince Charles said to BBC.

About the Australian radio hosts' prank phone call, Prince Charles just laughed off the unpleasant incident.

"How do you know I'm not a radio station," Prince Charles told the reporters.

Kate Middleton's stay at Edward VII hospital was stained with a security breach after two Australian radio hosts pretended to be Prince Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth. The radio hosts fished out information from a nurse about the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge. The nurse at the hospital revealed on the air that Kate had been "retching."

British papers reported Kate Middleton will continue treatment with anti-nausea tablets and an IV drip to prevent dehydration. Experts declared Kate's condition is more heightened with pregnant women who are carrying twins. However, the Palace has not confirmed any details about her pregnancy.

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