Kate Middleton Prank Call: Nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s Family Should Undergo Counseling like the Australian DJs

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British Member of Parliament Keith Vaz stated that the devastated family of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha should also receive the same intensive counseling offered to the two Australian radio hosts who made the royal prank call. The British MP first met the Saldanha family at their Briston home then welcomed them with a warm hug at the Parliament on Monday.

"I would hope very much that trained psychologists and others will be helping this family because they are obviously grief-stricken. They simply cannot cope or understand what is happening. I am not sure that they are getting the kind of support that, for example, the DJs in Australia appear to be getting," MP Vaz stated.

"This is a small, loving family. When I was there they were having prayers for her and they will continue to love her and to cherish her until they take her to India where they wish to bury her, after they have reclaimed the body," he further added.

MP Keith Vaz also confirmed the police had been supportive to the family as well as the King Edward VII Hospital where Jacintha Saldanha worked. "The hospital has made it very clear it has supported Jacintha, which is what we would expect a good employer to do," MP Vaz declared.

However, when asked about whether the family is aware that Ms. Saldanha's tragic death could be caused by an appalling royal prank call, the British MP refused to answer the question.

"They are a very close-knit family and they had previously contacted her every day. It's for them to tell everybody what has happened over those crucial two days," he said.

According to MP Keith Vaz, Jacintha Saldanha's family was grateful that the King Edward VII Hospital arranged a memorial fund in her memory and that the local Bangalorean community had rallied round for the nurse's tragic demise.

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