Kate Middleton Prank Call DJs Sacked, Kyle and Jackie O Had It Coming [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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After a nurse's suicide following a prank call scandal caused by two Australian DJ's who pretended to be royal relatives, Kyle and Jackie O are finally pulled out from their shows.

Last week, Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who was the victim of the call, committed suicide "because of shame," as reported by The Daily Mail. The 48-year-old nurse received and connected the prank call to the hospital wing where the Duchess is staying, where another hospital staff divulged details about Kate's treatment for a morning sickness ailment.

"She would have felt much shame about the incident." said Saldanha's brother, Naveen, to The Daily Mail.

Based on what media critics are implying the duo has been irresponsibly spreading negativity and damaging content in the airwaves for quite some time now. The Kate Middleton prank call was merely an addition to their expanding history of on-air tactlessness, which involved a police investigation and a teenager's confession of being raped.

Back in 2009, the DJ duo invited a teenager over to their station to take a lie detector test. The test, which was prompted by her mother under a suspicion that she is sexually active, bore a result that forever changed the lives of those involved in the stint. The "expose" turned out to be an esteem-shattering revelation as the teenager said she'd been raped at age 12 and didn't want the world to find out.

"Right ... is that the only experience you've had?" Replied Kyle after the teenager confessed the truth. Kyle lost his Australian Idol host stint because of the insensitivity he showed. In the same year, the duo started a game where a listener was asked to convince her sister that their mother is in a fatal condition. The listener gave in in exchange for $1,000, and the prank fell through. The sister quickly contacted paramedics and 911 and sent ambulances to their mother's home-where she was found safe and sound.

2DayFM has implemented a "a companywide suspension of 'prank' calls" after the death of the nurse, and has terminated both the DJs and their show off air.

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