Kate Middleton Impersonator, Heidi Agan, Also Tries to Be Pregnant [PHOTOS]


The famous waitress who made waves because of looking and acting like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has decided to level up her impersonation by deciding to "get pregnant" as well.

Heidi Agan from Northamptonshire is the getting buzz for impersonating the most photographed woman in the world as of the moment, the Duchess of Cambridge. Not only does Heidi possess features strikingly similar to Kate's, but also dresses like the fashionable royal.

Agan quit her job as a waitress to become a full-time Kate Middleton impersonator, and knowing the demand for the Duchess, it has been nothing but success (and a little bit of scrutiny) for the wannabe royal.

The royal look-a-like used to make £6 per hour when she was a waitress, and now earns a hefty £650 per appearances, as reported by BBC.

"To have done 12 years of something you know and then to leap into an industry that gives with one hand and takes with another is difficult, but I'm just really happy and feel blessed that I did," quips Agan in the same BBC post.

It was reported that to keep up with her idol, Heidi Agan has purchased "fake bellies" to mimic the development of Kate Middleton's bulging baby bump. The "royal birth" is expected to happen in July, and the question is, will Agan be able to pull off her impersonation until the Duchess already has a child in her arms?

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