Kate Middleton Hairstyle Makeover: Which Suits Her Best? [PHOTOS]

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As much as her fashion style gathers attention, the same goes with the choices she makes regarding her hair. But how will Kate Middleton look like if she were to sport the latest hair trend among Hollywood celebrities.

The Duchess of Cambridge has captured the world's attention again by sporting her new fringe. Well, not all hair makeovers can actually get as much popularity. But what do you expect when you're Kate Middleton?

Once coveted for her "Kate Middleton blowout," the Duchess now introduces her side swept bangs. Although it looks quite good on her, the hairstyle seems it was a throwback from the 70's. Her newest venture in hairstyle actually makes her look a little bit older.

But since she is part of the Royal Family, Kate Middleton needs to adhere to strict rules even when it comes to fashion. The Duchess always maintains a classy and conservative look as she now upholds the image of a royal.

Throughout the years, Kate seems conservative regarding her hair. She has not changed color and has maintained its form and length. And while famous personalities juggle their stylists and hairdressers, the Duchess has remained loyal to her favorite hairdresser, Richard Ward.

"Kate still goes to Richard Ward, she's very loyal that way, but doesn't always want to go into a salon. It can be a bit of an upheaval and she is often photographed going there," a source once said.

However, the rest might wonder, how would the Duchess look like if for example, she sported her hair into a pixie like that of Michelle Williams or by some chance colored her hair blue like that of Katy Perry? See through the gallery and find out.

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