Kate Middleton Bikini Baby Bump Destined to be Exposed, According to Experts [PHOTOS]


According to private vacation consultants, it was highly susceptible for the Royals and for Kate Middleton's bare baby bump to be snapped in their Mustique vacation despite its hidden location.

The recent Mustique photo scandal involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has left little hope for security officials protecting the privacy of the Royal pair. Prince William is not only disappointed, but emotionally "bruised" because of the constant invasion of their privacy.

First it was their French vacation in Provence where Catherine was snapped without her top on, and now, photographers were able to snap images of the Duchess in her bikini showing her bare baby bump. Italian magazine, Chi, published the said photos and defended their action by saying that there was nothing wrong by "showing a couple having a romantic getaway."

The Caribbean island of Mustique is one of the hardest vacation retreats to reach publicly in the entire world, and the area is surrounded by anti-photographer rovers regularly circling the island. But these facts don't stop persistent photographers from taking million-dollar images of the world's most famous couple during their private time.

Another factor that contributed to the susceptibility of the pair getting snapped during their beach walks is the always-advancing technology in cameras. It allows sneaky photographers become even more efficient and sneakier when it comes to secretly photographing stars and public figures.

"With the technology that photographers have now, being able to get a shot from so far away, there's probably nowhere in the world nowadays that the royals can go without getting a photograph taken," says Lyndsey Green, a known high-end travel consultant who works with celebrities who want private getaways.

So, was the scandal doomed to happen, or are there just many justifications of extreme breaches of privacy? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.  

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