Kate Hudson Reveals Dos and Don’ts of Losing Weight and Staying Fit to ‘Shape’ Magazine

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The "Bride Wars" actress and the mother of two, Kate Hudson has adorned the cover of "Shape" Magazine. Posing for the Nov. issue the gorgeous actress has revealed some dos and don'ts of losing weight and staying fit. 

Kate Hudson after her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman show promoting You Me and Dupree. CREDIT: Wiki Commons/Katie Kiehn

In her recent interview with "Shape" magazine she gives out her secrets to stay fit and retain the flat and superbly toned stomach.

She looks fabulous on the cover wearing a teeny pink sports bra and black biker shorts.

She as disclosed some of her mistaken food habits while she was trying to lose weight. Read on to find what is the right way to lose weight and stay fit according to Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson has disclosed that her incredibly toned body is the result of stringent Pilates' regime. They keep her fit and well in shape. She has been practicing this regime for about 15 years now. And it definitely shows on her.

Also, her fitness approach includes her favorite activity, that is dance. She prefers to incorporate dance routine in her fitness regimen.

She has also sought assistance from the "Dancing With the Stars" professional, Derek Hough to help her in her dancing routine.

She has revealed her stringent workout routine is something that she follows so strictly to feel great and to look great. "I work out to feel great but also to look great," she says. "There's no way a woman gets up to work out at 6:30 a.m. just for the mood boost. She wants to fit into her jeans and look fantastic too," told Kate Hudson.

Her secret to her fitness is her zeal and dedication. She has confessed that she carries a jump rope in her bags. This is, so that she doesn't miss out on her workout. She said that she would jump the rope as and when she finds time. Her key to fitness is devoting her free time to exercise and follow it diligently.

But it is not just exercising. The secret is counting your calories too. She also disclosed that for a long time she was following the wrong food habits when she wanted to lose weight. She was eating raw food but consuming some 3500 calories did no good to her. So she suggests that the most important part is to count calories.

"I remember a few years ago I needed to lose some weight but just couldn't drop these 15 pounds," she says. "Turns out I was eating about 3,500 calories a day because I was constantly snacking on cashews! I don't care how many people say it's a "good fat," that really got me," explained Kate Hudson.

So, now that you know the dos and don'ts of losing weight and staying fit as revealed by "Bride Wars" actress Kate Hudson, it's time for you to chalk out a routine as well. 

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