Karrueche Tran -Rihanna Cat Fight: 'Leave The Boy Alone' T-Shirt Creates Sparks

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After posting a lewd comment on Twitter, Karrueche Tran does it again. The alleged girlfriend of Chris Brown, yesterday, July 31, put a picture of herself on Instagram in a T-Shirt which said a lot more than it should have.

Deeply concerned about Chris Brown's singleton status, Tran , posed for instagram without pants (in a T-shirt alone). Her T-shirt read "Leave the BOY Alone".  KT's T-Shirt is clearly targeted towards Rihanna who has just got back to LA after a three-month long Diamond concert tour.

Would KT's recent stunt, create furor between the three (RiRi, Breezy, and Tran) once again?

Tran is proving again and again that it is not only RiRi who likes posting evocative messages on Twiiter.  Her ' Leave The Boy Alone" is clearly suggestive of the fact that she wants RiRi to stop craving for Chris.

The T-shirt is from 'BOY London' and Tran has worn it number of times. This is one of her favorite clothing brand. Along with sending a strong message to RiRi, KT also promoted the KamaLoop gals. The caption of the photo said, "BOY London finally at karmaloop.com! @karmaloop @realmisskl".

A few days ago, Tran posted a pic of herself in a sexy lingerie. It is was evident that Tran was trying to get attention of Breezy along with making RiRi jealous and now Tran has waged a fully fledged war on Rihanna. Can't wait to see how would Rihanna react to this?

There seems to be no end to this cat fight. What we wonder who would get hold of R&B singer, Chris Brown?   Would it be RiRi or Karrueche?

Also guys  what do you think about Karrueche's top? Do you like it or not?


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