Karrueche Tran Lewd And Dirty Tweet: Is it To Provoke Rihanna?

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In a sensational Twitter drama, Karrueche Tran, model Chris Brown  allegedly involved with, posted an ambiguous message implying  that she loathes Rihanna. Since the Chris-RiRi break up , both the ladies have been disparaging each other  on social media sites, Twitter and Instagram , in guile. On July 30th, Tran sparked the twitter brawl by posting about hate she carries for people. By hating people, does she mean Rihanna?

For several Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been entangled in love triangle  and  no sides of the triangle seems to bend.

Tran, 25 tweeted, Just because someone hates you, doesn't mean you have to hate them," and this certainly seems like a dig at RiRi.

On the other hand Rihaana, 25 , under the garb of twitter has made clear that she abhors Karrueche. Both the women have been longing and trying to win the same guy. However, we are hearing the rumblings about Chris Brown being single.

 Chris/ Breezy has been spotted in PDA with his previous girlfriend, Karrueche. But Chris maintains I am with different girls at different time and am not serious about anyone.  We told you a few days back that why it is better for Chris to have time for himself. With his new album on the verge of launch and loads of charity work on his plate, RiRi and Tran are the last things on Chris's mind.

 Chris said in a statement to Hollywoodlife.com that he on friendly terms with both the girls but right now my focus is music and doing other things. There is nothing more important than myself , at least for now.

So do you think Chris maintaining that he is single is hurting both the ladies who are madly in love with him? Is this why they are abashing each other on social media sites?

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