Karrueche Tran Disses Chris Brown in New Instagram Pic: Another Blow After Split?

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On March 29, Karrueche Tran posted an Instagram post and it looked it like she posted the pic to purposely take a dig at her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Tran and Brown called it quits after the latter was caught in an inappropriate relationship with one of the female employees at the rehab.

Tran's Instagram post said, " The Snowflakes fall each in their proper place. Today be open to the possibility that you like, the snowflakes, are in the perfect place always."

Now that Tran has separated from Brown, it seems she must be talking about being in the perfect place. Reportedly, Tran is deeply hurt that Brown's cheated on her and moreover, what has hurt her more is that the rapper does not regret his actions.

A source revealed to Hollywoodlife, "This is how it is," adding, "He's a rap star - rich and famous, and girls try to get at him every which way."

Tran and Chris Brow started dating last year when Chris Brown declared to Rihanna that he is in love with two women. The other woman being Tran. The couple has had an on and off romance but reports always suggested how Tran dearly loved Brown-so much so that she doesn't even have the courage to see Brown locked behind the Bars.

"KT does not want to see him behind bars and it's best she doesn't go visit him for privacy reasons," a source revealed, adding, "They record everything there and she's not trying to have anymore drama. She cant really stand to look at him, looking all bad, and lifeless. She cares about him too much, "reported the website.

Do you think Brown will get back with Karrueche Tran when he comes out from the prison? Let us know your thoughts on Karrueche Tran and Chris split and the possibilities of reunion .

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