Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Lea Michele Cannot Wear Chanel, Refuses to Lend Her Designer Outfits

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Actress Lea Michele
Actress Lea Michele arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the opening of "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" in Upper Manhattan, New York, May 5, 2014. REUTERS

Karl Lagerfeld reportedly hates how Lea Michele looks and does not think Chanel will suit her. Unless Lea Michele herself purchases Chanel clothes, it seems as if she will not be able to wear anything Chanel lent to her for free. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Karl Lagerfeld has a list of celebrities he does not like, which translates to him not lending him Chanel outfits. The gossip site assumes that Lagerfeld does not have any issue with Michele's weight, considering how skinny she is currently. However, the gossip site assumes too that Lagerfeld has an issue with Michele's face and thinks the Glee star is ugly.

Star Magazine reported, "She is going to be livid and freak out, but there's no string that any stylist can pull. She is more than welcome to purchase the dresses, but having them lent to her isn't an option." Apparently, if these reports are true, Lagerfeld does not think Michele's face is worth giving Chanel clothing for free use to.

Karl Lagerfeld is the least of Lea Michele's concerns today. The Glee star is said to be feuding with Naya Rivera, who was recently axed from the show because of Michele. Representatives of Naya Rivera denied the actress has been fired, while Fox denied the feud between the actresses. Lea Michele herself clarified that there is no bad blood between Naya and her. According to Ryan Murphy, who shared his response to the feud to Extra," "I don't think there is a story between Naya and Lea."

Murphy added, "Naya's coming back next year, Lea's coming back next year - anybody ever in that cast has an open invitation to come back and finish the character they so beautifully started."

Michele said: "It's really unbelievable, the amount of things that can be just completely made up. And it's really frustrating." 

"I think the way people like to pit women against each other is really annoying, and it's really sad," she added.

According to MTV.com, Lea Michele will handle a fight differently that what is currently being reported so the reports cannot be true. "If there were ever really a catfight on the show, you'd know about it, because I'd get a ring, and I'd put jello in it, and I'd make it fun for everyone, and it would be super hot." 

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