Kanye West 'Very Worried' About Baby North's Lack of Privacy And Security, To Take Drastic Measures

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian Holds Her Baby in Her Arms as She Shops in Paris
TV personality Kim Kardashian holds her baby in her arms as she shops in Paris, May 20, 2014. Reuters

Kanye West earlier told his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, he does not have a lot of ideas taking care of babies. But Radar Online has reported he was very worried about his baby daughter's, North West, security.

He is willing to take extra drastic measures to ensure baby Nori is always safe. Kanye once told Kris Jenner, his wife Kim Kardashian's mom, he does not know how to handle babies. He even shared he cannot put North West properly in her car seat. But this does not mean he does not have any father's instincts. When it comes to baby Nori's safety and security, Kanye is willing to pull all the stops.

His fears were accentuated as he felt baby Nori had too much exposure to the public during his and Kim Kardashian's luxurious wedding, Radar Online reported.

"Kim and Kanye have been arguing over all of the exposure North got during the wedding," a source close to the rapper shared with Radar Online.

"He was frustrated that the baby was in public so much and he wants to make sure that now that all of those festivities are over that she's protected."

West was aware that dating and marrying Kim Kardashian, privacy will certainly become an issue. The family's life is very well publicized, especially since they have their own reality show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." But Kanye West does not want North West to suffer the inconveniences and dangers of a highly publicized life. Even before the wedding, Kim and Kanye never exposed Baby North to the paparrazi as much as possible. 

While Kanye is not angry at the press or want to control the paparazzi, he does not want people always tracking his daughter's move.

"Kanye isn't trying to control any press about North. He's genuinely afraid for her safety and doesn't want people to be able to track her every move." the source said.

To determine the best way to protect Baby North, "He is talking to other really rich and famous people about how they keep their kids safe and what extra precautions he can take. He isn't taking any chances" the source noted.

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