Kanye West Too Controlling, Puts Tracking Device on Kim Kardashian’s Phone, Reality Star Feeling Trapped

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
TV personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West arrive at a fashion designer workshop in Paris May 21, 2014. U.S. television personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West will celebrate their wedding in Florence on May 24, an official from the mayor's office confirmed on Friday. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes Reuters

Just months after they tied the knots on a luxurious wedding in Europe, Kim Kardashian is already feeling suffocated being Kanye West's wife.

Kim Kardashian is said to be "feeling trapped" in her marriage with Kanye West. The reality star has great reasons to feel so, Radar Online reports. Even though she seems in control of her own life, having a successful reality show and successful lines of businesses, but Radar Online reports that this cannot be farther from the truth these days. After getting married, Kanye West micromanages the reality star's life with an iron fist and Kim has went beyond feeling flattered by the suffocating attention. Kanye West's methods of controlling Kim's life are not so flattering either. In fact, Kim thinks these methods are quite insulting.

"Kim feels trapped," a source very close to Kim Kardashian shares to Radar Online. "She does not have control over her own life anymore and has become extremely frustrated."

The source details, "Kanye has installed a GPS tracking device on her cell phone so he knows where she is at all times. He is constantly calling her and she is required to check in with him wherever she is at."

Instead of being a happy and glowing new wife and mother, Kim is said to be anything but. The source shares toRadar Online, "Kanye does not let her breathe!"

 "Kanye wants to play manager, publicist and agent in her life. She is getting tired of all of this," the source concludes. "She wants to be a good mother and a good wife and it is becoming really hard for her."

Reports are rife with Kim KArdashian and Kanye West trying for second baby since their honeymoon, with Kanye wanting a boy and Kim wanting to keep it a secret if ever she does become pregnant because she does not want to people scrutinizing her baby. However, Hollywood Take is giving a new angle to this apparent discomfort of Kim Kardashian. According to Hollywood Take, even though Kim Kardashian obviously does not want another baby just yet, she's willing to do it because Kanye wants one.  Apparently, what Kanye wants, Kim does...or risk losing her marriage, the third time around.

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