Kanye West Postpones Australian Tour, Sparks Fans' Outrage

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Kanye West postponed his Australian tour to focus on his new and upcoming album, Hollywood Online reports. However, this sparked outrage and doubts from fans who thinks he only wants to devote his time to planning his wedding with Kim Kardashian. The album is tentatively to be released this year.

The sad news was released by Live Nation Australasia on Tuesday Morning, April 1. Because it was April Fools' day, the concert promoter even have to clarify doubts that it's real and say it was not a joke in a press release.

"Due to unexpected timing requirements to finish his highly anticipated new studio album, scheduled for a 2014 release, Kanye West regretfully announces the postponement of his upcoming tour dates in Australia," the statement reads.

According to the promoter, Australian fans need not worry because the delay is not that long. Kanye West's tour was slated to be from May 2 to May 11, but the new dates are set at Sept. 5 to Sept. 15. These new dates raised the speculations that West is also focusing on his wedding with Kim Kardashian.

The postponing of the tour was not met kindly by the fans. Outrage poured in through twitter, Mail Online reports. Many will not buy the reason of him focusing on his upcoming tour and they hate the thought that Kanye West is putting the planning of his wedding first before his tour. Many believe that he can do both, if not ask the horde of wedding planners and Kim herself to man the wedding plans.

'Kanye West postponed tour cuz he's a control freak and needs to stay and oversee the minutia of the wedding,' @TAndre6 said on Twitter. 

On the other hand, @oliviajc wrote: 'Everyone calm down about the Kanye shows being postponed. Y'all know this means the Royal Wedding is about to happen, a small price to pay.

@EastAfricaChild added, 'I feel bad for [his Australian fans]. Kanye's on wedding mode.'

Fortunately, Kanye West's tour in the UK and Europe will not be affected. According to Live Nation, West is "looking forward to returning to the U.K.. and Europe for a full tour in January 2015," according to LN.

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