Kanye West 'Dumps' Kim Kardashian for BFF Riccardo Tisci: Rapper Plans to Move to Paris—Report

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian and Rapper Kanye West Are Enjoying Their London Stay.File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes
Kim Kardashian is loving the weather and food of London. File Photo/Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

Kim and Kanye are selling off their dream house in which they intended to live for good after marriage. New buzz suggests this is so Kanye West can "move away" from Kim Kardashian.

Though it is being said "Kimye" is selling the house because renovations are taking too long, there are contrary reports which suggest Kanye West is more interested in a bromance with Riccardo Tisci than staying with Kim, as per CelebdirtyLaundry.

It is also being said Kanye West is also planning to move to Paris where he can get some time with his BFF Riccardo Tisci. Kanye West likes traveling and moving around from one city to another, if he gets settled at one place with Kim, then his plans of globe trotting would get jeopardised, according to the reports

More importantly, West and Kardashain have spent $11 million on the renovations of their dream house. Their plan to sell it off has raised many brows.

However, there is another school of thought which suggests Kim and Kanye are selling the renovated dream house just to get the best price on the market.

"They are such perfectionists that staying up-to-date with the latest appliances and home systems, etc., has been exhausting for them. They want to sell very soon, but they might just finish the house enough to get it on the market without trying to make it their perfect home," says an insider to E!. "They have no interest in becoming professional 'flippers' but rather have found the entire process exhausting."

The house is builtd in a 9,000-sq ft area and is located in Bel-Air. The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and was purchased by Kim and Kanye in January 2013. The couple has been living with Kris Jenner while the house underwent renovations.

"Another key motivation for selling and buying a completed new home is the fact that the renovation has taken way too long and they really want to have their own place and move out of Kris' home," another source explained.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have yet to speak up on the rumours.

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