Kanye West Cheating on Kim Kardashian with Pia Mia: Is Kim Responsible for Yeezus Growing Closeness to Young Singer ?

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Is Kim Kardashian responsible for Kanye West and Pia Mia's alleged closeness? The buzz suggests that Kim Kardashian was Mia's biggest fan before she introduced the singer to beau West. Apparently, Mia is has been close friend to Kardashian family and she was introduced to West and Drake during a Kardashian dinner.

The 17-year-old singer recently revealed that if she would not have been called for dinner with West and Drake she would not have got her big break.

"I had no idea Drake was going to be there," Pia told MTV News about the dinner party she attended at bestie Kylie Jenner's house.,adding, "I sit down and we're eating our salad and in the middle of eating, Kanye just, like, calls me out and says, 'Drake, you see Pia's got some cool fashion, she's a singer."

Kanye also asked Mia to sing her own rendition of Drake's song  "Just Hold On, We're Going Home." It seems West was quite impressed by Mia's singing prowess.

Pia further explained that she was quite nervous as Khloe and Kim were sitting in front of her while she gave her impromptu performance.

 "It was a really cool experience. I never thought I'd be able to sing Drake his song, so that was for sure something I'll remember forever."

Kim was generous enough to upload Pia Mia's video on Keek. However, she would not have thought that the young starlet could create ripples in her peaceful relationship with Kanye West.

Reports are ripe that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with Pia Mia. The rumors of their budding closeness went rampant with Mia wrote on her account

"@TheOtherWomanMovie trailer...story of my life. Guna be so hilarious! #OtherWoman #sp"

"Kanye called her and the conversation sounded kind of flirty and romantic. It could be that they are just good friends but it was definitely more than just a professional call," a source further revealed to Radar Online.

Do you think something is brewing with Pia Mia and Kanye or is their relationship strictly professional?

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