Kanye West in Bonnaroo Filled with Rants and Boos

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Kanye West went back to Bonnaroo but his second time was not as sweet as a rekindled love as some fans dumped his pieces of advice, ironic claims, face-hiding mask and "f- the press" statement. Even his wife, Kim Kardashian's see-through top did not save him from the fans' unreciprocated love.

Kim Kardashian might get some of the media's attention by wearing a revealing top with her chest almost showing off but the real focus still went to her hiphopper husband, Kanye. He entered the stage wearing a conventional hiphop uniform: loose pants, jacket, tie-dye top, and bling bling. It seemed normal but he elevated the look with a face-hiding mask. And it was just the start of another controversial performance from him.

He would interrupt his own raps to give advice to the audience about being a fan of one's self and being able to "go out and do anything." Kanye then would say he would go after well-known icons such as Shakespear and Walt Disney. He also claimed that this experience was humbling to him but he ended the speech with: "I am the number one muthaf-in rock star on the planet."

He went to rap his hits and the crowd loved it. On the other hand, it only took him several minutes until he finally dove into an extemporeneous performance filled with tirade and excuses. This disgusted the viewers, sending off a resonating "boo" as he continued to speak about himself. Some of the fans also left the stage since they thought it was repulsive. And during the outro of his piece, "Heartless," he seemed to be searching for members of the media. He went on, saying, "F- the press." Apparently, he still held a grudge against the media who wrote about his appalling performance in Bonnaroo in 2008.

Kanye created a buzz during the said music festival in 2008 when he appeared late in the stage. He then blamed  Pearl Jam, the preceeding performer, for his tardiness. As if it was not enough, he pointed a finger to the media for writing bad things about him.

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