Kanye West Allegedly Compares Himelf With Reggie Bush as a Lover, Is Insecure and Jealous of Kim Kardashian's Ex - Reports

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Kanye West is allegedly jealous of Kim Kardashian's exes, especially Reggie Bush, new media reports suggest. The reality star has reportedly banned her family and friends from mentioning Reggie's name in their household in front of her husband Kanye for fears that it might upset his feelings. Kim Kardashian has a long list of ex-boyfriends and husbands including Kris Humphries, Ray J and Reggie Bush.

Reggie reportedly got married recently to Lilit Avagyan and Kim made sure that no one in her family talked about the wedding or read media reports about it, Radar Online is claiming adding that the reality star believes that the very mention of Reggie's name makes Kanye "insecure and jealous." The 33-year-old has banned her sisters too from mentioning Reggie's name in front of Kanye and does not discuss with them either, the Web site reported.

The reason for Kanye being jealous of Reggie is that the "Yeezus" rapper still believes that Reggie has feelings for Kim as he has reportedly married a girl, who is a Kim Kardashian look alike, Radar reports adding that Kanye has compared himself to Reggie many times.

Kanye has allegedly asked Kim about how Reggie was "in the bedroom" and other personal stuff as Kanye is reportedly insecure about Kim's past association with Reggie. Reggie and Kim dated for a long time from 2007 to 2010 and various sources told the Web site that Kim was a very "happy" person in Reggie's company as he was not as controlling as Kanye is. Kim's family allegedly believes that she has changed into a very different person ever since she has met Kanye, who reportedly "scrutinizes her every move."

However, Kim's brother Brody Jenner attended Reggie Bush's wedding ceremony, even though he was not present at his sister Kim's nuptials in Paris. Brody decided to skip Kim's wedding with Kanye saying he had previous work commitments, which could not be cancelled but in a recent interview he revealed that he was close to Reggie as a friend and considers him the "best person on this planet." Read more here. 

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