Kanye and Kim Wedding Moves Closer with Prenup Still an Issue

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Prenuptial agreement among celebrities and famous people is common, especially since divorce and extra-marital affairs are common in the streets of Hollywood. Couples Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not an exemption to this rule as they both exercise their rights in protecting their assets. However, the two seem to be at odds with the demands of the other, which leaves people asking if the wedding will still go on in May.

There are still issues that both parties need to work out on but it seems that the extravagant wedding might still be able to push through. The money is not the problem for the couple but they are having disagreements on their expectations with the other when they finally tie the knot, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

For Kanye's demands, he has already stated that he wants to have another child but Kim is having second thoughts because she didn't like going through the pregnancy with their first child, especially now that she has regained her curvaceous body. However, Kanye is working hard in convincing his reality star fiancée to have another baby. Kim also wants her man to stay close to her and the baby which might prevent Kanye from taking overseas engagements.

Apparently, the couple is not the only ones who have a say in the marriage as Kim's reality star mother Kris Jenner also has some things to include in the agreement. Kim's mom is the one managing her which puts her mother in-charge of her Hollywood life but Kanye also includes a mother-in-law clause that prevents Kris from meddling with the couple's affair, according to Gist Ville.

Then again, this mother-in-law clause did not prevent Kris from telling Kim to include a penalty for Kanye when he cheats - a $10 million worth of penalty. Most Hollywood insiders believe this is a smart move for Kim since her sister Khloe is experiencing the troubles of divorce.

This makes sorting out the agreement hard for both parties. They might need to iron out the details of this prenup first before they finally tie the knot in summer.

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