K-Pop Girls’ Generation: Ready for Worldwide Recognition after Psy’s Hit Gangnam Syle

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Move over Psy with your Gangnam Style. The K-pop's princesses Girls' Generation is now set to take over with the upcoming release of their first album entirely recorded in English.

Korean rapper Psy's smashing hit Gangnam Style may have opened the doors for other K-pop artists like Girls' Generation to venture the music industry out of Asia. Tentatively scheduled for a release next year by Lady Gaga's label, Interscope, this Girl's Generation album is claimed to be the group's first serious attempt to win over the attention of their English-speaking music fans.

The nine members of Girls' Generation, whose ages range from 21-23, are the evident choice in taking up Psy's current reign in the music industry. "It doesn't surprise me at all that Girls' Generation is doing this," Steve McClure, the Tokyo-based Executive Editor of McClure's Asia Music News, stated.

"The South Korean market is limited so winning over new fans overseas has always been part of the K-pop strategy. The fact that they are riding on the coat tails of Psy is just pure luck. It has just made it easier than it might have been without him," McClure further added.

"GG's songs are infectious pop. It's hard not to like Gee and as soon as I heard Mr. Taxi, I thought they had to make an English version," Robert Poole, Chief Executive of the Tokyo-based Asian music promoter SomethingDrastic, said.

Music business experts also claim that the girl band's electro pop sound and brilliant music videos will lead them without difficulty into the music markets outside of Asia. "Girls' Generation totally fit the bill. They produce feel good beats, instantly memorable choruses and, as I'm sure people have already noticed, they're stunning," Mio Scobie, overseas editor of Us Weekly magazine, declared. 

"The album will be a hit regardless of how many new listeners jump on board. Girls' Generation fans are fiercely loyal and will be ready to buy and download in their droves," Scobie added.

According to McClure, Girls' Generation could also be the second artist in K-Pop to take on the international music scene after Psy's fame with the hit single Gangnam Style.

"Psy is by definition a one-off and I'd be surprised if he had another international hit. But bands like Girls' Generation have more staying power. The question is: will K-pop become a permanent fixture? I don't know but I have a feeling that Girls' Generation will stick round for a while," McClure stated.

Fellow K-pop artists such as 2NE1 and Super Junior are currently reported to be organizing their materials for a UK release while Psy has assured fans that he will record an English-language single to follow-up the Gangnam Style success.

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