Justin Verlander Refuses To Comment On Leaked Nude Photos With Kate Upton

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Justin Verlander has broken his silence after the nude photos of him with girlfriend and Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton have leaked online. While it may seem impossible to pull himself out of the entire fiasco, Verlander strongly believes the solution is to remain apathetic and indifferent of the current scenario. Despite the unnecessary peek into his private life, the 31-year-old has said in a statement that he would like to keep work and his personal life separate.

"I'm not going to comment on my personal life," Verlander told the reporters before the Detroit Tigers take on the Cleveland Indians in Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio on Sept. 2 via USA Today. "I never have and I never plan on it," Verlander added. He went on and said that he likes to keep his personal life personal.

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According to Verlander, he has little concern about anything else and try to stay focused on the Tigers. The Tigers are in the middle of the race to clinch the league title of the regular baseball season. Verlander said that his main concentration was to help the team win a pennant.

Verlander hinted that he was somehow well-aware of what was going on and that people were trying to get him to address the leaked indelicate photos of him. However, it will be difficult for media outlets and journalists to wade through and get Verlander to comment on the story.

"Instead of everybody kind of sneaking around and getting questions at specific times, it's just easier to say, I'm not commenting on that."

Verlander said he has been able to block off thinking about everything else in his life so it shouldn't be a problem for him to ward off the thoughts on the humiliation that he has gotten himself into. Getting humiliated is something that no one would ever want to get into, but there are ways of coping with it. As for Verlander, he is moving on and not going to speak about it from now on. Good things are still bound to happen after public humiliation.

The Tigers pounced the Indians, 4-2. Verlander will reportedly make his 28th start for the Tigers on in the third game of the Tigers' four-game set against the Indians.


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