Justin-Selena-Kylie Drama, Does Selena Gomez Need an Older Boyfriend and Friends Her Age?

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After sharing some fun that the Coachella event, Selena Gomez removed the Instagram party photos of her with best gal pals Kylie and Kendall. Many were wondering why and speculated that this has something to do with Justin Bieber, as always. And indeed, Radar Online reported that speculations were not that far from the truth.

According to Radar Online, Selena Gomez has discovered some disconcerting photos and texts messages on Justin Bieber's phone from Kylie Jenner, 16. The youngest sister of Kim Kardashian is said to have sent some really sexy photos and messages to Selena Gomez's boyfriend, which caused the "Come and Get It" singer to see green.

"Selena flipped out and there was a huge fight between the girls," an insider shares with RadarOnline.com. "She now wants nothing to do with Kylie or Kendall."

Kylie and Kendall defended themselves and called Selena Gomez a bad influence.  The sisters  think she's the bad influence who has more serious issues because she was in rehab. The Jenners also claimed Serena is a paranoid, thinking Justin Bieber is hitting on other girls, Perez Hilton reports.

If Justin Bieber's, Selena Gomez's and the Jenner sisters' track record will be evaluated, one can easily say Selena Gomez is the victim here. However, she is not without fault either. After all, she is the one who wholeheartedly went back to the arms of a boy who she already knew from the start has some commitment issues. She may be a year older only and age does not matter, but when it comes to dating immature guys, all sorts of problems can arise. Even with all these issues going on, Justin Bieber still managed to go out with Kendall Jenner. Whether or not something is going between them, this is a sign of disrespect that Selena Gomez should realize.

What is she doing hanging out girls five years younger than her? Granted, the Jenner sisters probably act more mature than any girls their age, and friendship should not be dictated by age, but Selena Gomez brought this problem on herself. Kylie Jenner, just 16, is bound to think differently than Selena Gomez, 21. Maybe the sexy messages and sexy pics are not a big deal for kids these days, Kylie Jenner included. Maybe going out with your supposedly gal pal's boyfriend is not a big deal for these days, Kendall Jenner included.

Selena Gomez has once hinted on looking for mature guys and she has been spotted with Orlando Bloom lately. Is she realizing that a mature guy will be much better for her? Does she need a guy right now at all?

Taylor Swift, who issued her with an ultimatum to leave Justin Bieber or lose her, may have been annoying to Selena Gomez. But it is now more than clear that the Red singer was able to see that all these things are bound to happen and she does not want Selena Gomez crying all over again.

They may have drifted apart because Selena Gomez chose to follow her heart over Taylor Swift's advice, but this does not mean they cannot be friends again. Taylor Swift is reportedly reaching out to Selena Gomez because she is very worried. It is high time that Selena Gomez meet her halfway. Maybe hanging out with friends her age and her maturity level can clear her head.

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