Justin Selena Caught Kissing and Making Out: Top Few Reasons 'Jelena' is Back and Happy Together

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Selena was diagnosed with lupus several years ago
Her grandfather Ricardo Gomez told the press that the young pop star was suffering from lupus since several years but is getting along well with the treatments. REUTERS

"Jelena" is back. Yes, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back to making out and public displays of affection, various Web sites are reporting. Here are few reasons which lead fans to believe that "Jelena" are really back together and it's just not the rumours. Selena Gomez is back to giving performances after a lot of controversies surrounding her absence and a stint in rehab. She made a spectacular comeback in her hometown at the 2014 BorderFest concert at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena in Texas on Saturday evening. The weekend's show was special for Selena since it marked her first show since her stint in rehab earlier this year and also re-united her with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber yet again.

There is speculation in the media that Justin Bieber attended Selena's show on Saturday after her tweeted that he was happy to see a "good show." "Saw a great show last night :)" Bieber tweeted on Sunday morning, fuelling gossip that he was indeed present to cheer her lady love at the show. However no one really saw Justin at Selena show, so maybe he was secretly hiding somewhere?

The "Come and Get It" singer also went out with Bieber and his friends one day earlier on Friday in McAllen and also enjoyed breakfast in the morning at local eatery Don Pepe's with Bieber and his group of large friends, E! Online is reporting.

Another proof that tells "Jelena" is back together is that the pair has been seen making out in the Xtreme Lazer Tag in McAllen, Hollywood Life is reporting. "They were kissing in the dark area!" Ruben Elias, Marketing Manager at Xtreme Lazer Tag told the Web site. "We have an area where the lights are off and it's filled with fog. They basically hid out in there, stopped their game of laser tag, and were locked in a full-on makeout session," added Elias, according to the Web site.

"They were playing with their bodyguards and then they stopped and had some full-on PDA," Ruben further revealed to the Web site "They were really enjoying each other's company and Selena was smiling from the time she walked in to the time she left. Justin was going the extra mile to make sure she was doing well."

So "Jelena" is really back this time and are very much in love. This is the second time this year that the on and off couple are back together after breaking up yet again after a month's time. Do you think the "Jelena" re-union will last a little longer this time?

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