Justin Paparazzo Death Update: Chris Guerra Wanted to Photograph Bieber Smoking Weed

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The accident that took the life of photographer, Chris Guerra, is still under investigation. While Bieber might have released his statement yesterday, the words of the Canadian crooner are not enough to settle the loss of Guerra's family. Celebrities have spoken up regarding the paparazzi involved accident but there is another issue everyone else failed to notice. Guerra was allegedly trying to snap a photo of Bieber smoking weed the night he got killed.

Before moving on to the real issue of Bieber caught smoking weed, there has been a lot of celebrity talk regarding paparazzi rights. The death of photographer, Chris Guerra immediately sent a split of views between celebrities. While some were eager to defend Bieber's side, some of course had their say for the rights of the deceased paparazzo.

Neil Patrick Harris who was in attendance at the 50th Anniversary Ceremony for the Hollywood's famed Magic Castle released his statement regarding the Bieber-Paparazzi accident of which is as follows.

"There's so many thoughts. I don't know where you begin with that without sounding like you're taking a stance one way or the other. I certainly think that being a public person, a celebrity people are interested in, means they're going to want to know all about you. And the minutiae of your daily life is sort of up for public consumption," said Harris, adding, "I don't know where the line is. I mean if the paparazzi stopped at every red light, they'd lose the picture. But they're not the only people that run red lights. So you can't come down on them hard."

Another celebrity who had made a stand regarding the rights of paparazzi is fashion icon, Janice Dickinson. Dickinson had hoped that "common sense would prevail" and that the untimely death of Chris Guerra would not cause a spur of law changes.

"Photographers have always been around and they have rights too," said Dickinson, adding, "People have got to realize that they are trying to make a living by getting a picture and there are no laws banning them."

Given Chris Guerra had to go through all the means of following Bieber, what was Chris taking photos of? Well, according to an update via TMZ, Chris was trying to snap Bieber smoking weed.

"Man, you won't believe my luck.  It's pretty dead in L.A..  Everybody thinks Justin and Selena are in Mexico, but they're not," said Chris to his photo agency Tuesday afternoon.

Chris was said to have seen Bieber's car at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. At that time, Lil Twist was behind the wheel and not Justin himself. During that time, Chris claims to have seen Lil Twist smoking marijuana and was dead-set on snapping Justin Bieber smoking the pot as well.

However, Justin's representatives have a different statement to say.

"It's really sad that people are trying to push a story without the facts so soon after this tragic accident. Justin was not present or involved in this incident and the focus should remain on honoring the memory of the victim," said the rep to TMZ.

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