Justin-Orlando Ibiza Fight: #TeamOrlando Trends, Celebs And Fans React

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Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber were recently engaged in a fight outside the Cipriana restaurant in Ibiza, Spain on July 30. The actor reportedly threw a punch at the singer after being called a b***ch by Bieber. Now fans, even celebrities, have their share of reactions on the said incident.

The fight apparently brought on the "betting" points between Orlando Bloom and the 20-year old Justin Bieber. US Weekly reported most celebrities cheered on the "Lord of the Rings" actor. Outside his circle of Beliebers, Justin is a loser for gaining very few supporters in what the site called "the great Bieber/Bloom Feud of 2014."

Celebrities flooded Twitter in all out support for Miranda Kerr's ex-husband. Former child star Drake Bell called out the attention of Justin Bieber's fans with his tweet.

Even “Charmed” star Alyssa Milano posted a simple tweet to show which side she is on.

Former Spanish journalist Anastasia Skolkova, who first captured and posted the video on Facebook, told Mirror UK that even Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan seemed to have also enjoyed watching the fight. LiLo and Leonardo were among the diners in the restaurant who witnessed the fight.

"DiCaprio was flipping out and Lindsay Lohan was trying to call them. Justin's face was amazing," she said.

Daily Mail also quoted the journalist when she recalled that "when Orlando punched Bieber, everyone started clapping. Lindsay was laughing."

Skolkova recalled "the whole table" Orlando and "DiCaprio were on were clapping."

"Afterwards, I don't know if people were congratulating Orlando or trying to calm him down," she said.

She claimed Justin Bieber provoked the fight when he said something aimed at Orlando Bloom. She recalled seeing Orlando jumped onto a sofa to try to get at Justin. The actor reportedly threw more than one punch at the singer when the fight started to become violent.

Now more and more celebrities are up against Justin Bieber. "The Tonight Show" host and comedian Jimmy Fallon also hinted his support for Orlando Bloom.

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell even commented on the actor's "strength" while Australian football star Hamish Hartlett showed his happiness over Orlando Bloom's actions.

Kerris Dorsey of "Ray Donovan" even made fun at what Justin Bieber was wearing during the fight.

Meanwhile, #TeamOrlando has become a trend on Twitter with fans even petitioning for the actor to be inducted into knighthood.

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