Justin Bieber’s Song ‘Hard To Face Reality’ an Apology for Selena Gomez?

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Handout shows Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida
Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber is pictured in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida January 23, 2014 in this Miami Beach Police Department handout released to Reuters on March 4, 2014. Bieber was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and using an expired license after Miami Beach police say they caught him drag racing on January 23. Bieber pleaded not guilty to the charges. REUTERS/Miami Beach Police Dep

Controversial singer Justin Bieber recently released his new song "Hard To Face Reality." Reportedly, the song is directed to estranged girlfriend Selena Gomez. Released on SoundCloud on April 27, the new track is full of emotions and apologies that fans couldn't help but speculate that the song was written about the "Spring Breakers" star.

The 20-year-old singer collaborated with singer/songwriter Poo Bear for his newest R&B track where he belts out lyrics of apologies and the difficulties of having a problematic relationship. After its released, the Biebs dropped another brand-new track for his fans on SoundCloud, "We Were Born for This" as he declares his undying gratitude to his fans and his passion for his craft.

The Canadian singer recently posted a short clip of the "Hard To face Reality" to his IG account together with his picture standing alone on top of a boulder in Central Park in New York City. Together with image Justin wrote: "Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife but s**t - sometimes things change."

Thanks to the caption, many fans assumed that the song is directed to Gomez who is going through a lot of things because of her relationship with him. The actress recently "unfollowed" him on Twitter including Austin Mahone, and many others on her social media accounts.

Now that Gomez is slowly cutting him off, the "Boyfriend" singer is feeling the pain and his only outlet is to let it out through a song. Although he didn't specify who the future bride is, the only girl who is linked constantly with Bieber is Gomez.

Before posting his NYC pic, Justin posted a "Throwback" image of him and Selena together with his half-siblings while they were frolicking at the beach in Paradise Cove, Malibu. Judging on his behaviour, the singer is missing the good old days with Selena and may be planning to propose to the "Come and Get It" singer.

With so much going on with Gomez, Justin is keeping himself busy during his travel to Japan. The Canadian crooner hung out in the Harajuku district and he even took a picture in front of the Yasukumi Shrine. Only time will tell what happens to the "Jelena" saga.

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Hard To Face Reality" here.

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