Justin Bieber's Rumoured New Girlfriend, Yovanna Ventura: Singer Shirtless and Touching the Thigh of Spanish Fitness Model


Justin Bieber is now rumoured to have a new girlfriend, just a week after he and Selena Gomez broke up for good, and it's neither Kylie Jenner nor Kendall Jenner. Selena Gomez reportedly broke up with Justin Bieber after all the promises he did not deliver and culminating in Selena seeing some inappropriate photos from both Kylie and Kendall Jenner on Justin's phone. Justin Bieber went on a date with Kylie Jenner immediately after the breakup but he is now reportedly seeing someone new: Yovanna Ventura.  

Who is Yovanna Ventura? Aside from being snapped together in several photos, Justin Bieber also posted a picture of them with him topless. The caption of the photo said "friends" but speculators beg to differ.  

Justin Bieber did not announce anything official yet but Hollywood Life reports that Justin Bieber thinks Yovanna is the perfect girlfriend material because she's a ten in the young singer's book.  

"She's gorgeous and there's no secret he likes to surround himself with beautiful women," Hollywood Life reports. "It's one the perks of being Justin Bieber." 

"Nine times out of 10, you will see him with a 10," Hollywood Life added. "That's just how he rolls." 

According to Mirror UK, Justin Bieber enjoyed his downtime in Los Angeles in the company of a glamorous fitness model Yovanna Ventura. Justin Bieber preferred to walk beside Yovanna without a shirt, causing the rumour mills to churn that they are more than friends. Yovanna Ventura towers over Justin Bieber in her wedges but many speculated that they still look good together.  

In one of their photos, Bieber's hand was on Ventura's thigh while they were riding in a rickshaw on a bike path. Even though this might not mean anything, people are quick to speculate that Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura are more than just two friends on a relaxing vacation.  

Bieber and Ventura were first seen together in Floyd Maywether's record-breaking win, with Kendall Jenner in tow. It was not clear then who Justin Bieber was dating then. Many speculated it was Kendall Jenner considering Selena's feud with the Jenner sisters. Justin Bieber himself posted a picture of him with Yovanna and Kendall Jenner on his Instagram account after joining the punching machine's entourage with rapper Lil Wayne. 

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