Justin Bieber's Rude Behaviour at Woman in Gym: 'He Spit in my water'

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Bieber's rude behavior continues and water bottles seem to be his favorite tool for abuse. Late last year, the Canadian crooner had reportedly thrown a water bottle at an unsuspecting photographer who was waiting for him outside the hotel. Now, a woman working out at a gym had to suffer the same thing but with a different treatment via her water bottle.

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber and two of his peeps had picked on a woman at a North Carolina gym. The 18-year old had allegedly mocked the radio host named Colette Harrington during her workout. How did this all start? Well, Colette had simply asked Bieber for a photo to which Bieber rudely declined afterwards he and his posse started to mock Colette's workout. One appeared to be Bieber's trainer while the other looked like his backup singer or dancer.

"I always count out loud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say 'Shut the F'ck up," said Colette.

The radio host continued her work out all the while ignoring the group. It wasn't until later that Colette had to find out what Bieber had in store for her. Colette claimed that during her workout, Bieber or someone from his posse had spit blue Gatorade into her water bottle.

"I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink," claimed Colette.

A complaint against Bieber has already been filed. As for the water bottle which allegedly contains Bieber's blue Gatorade spit, Colette is planning to sell it on eBay. The funds Harrington would collect from selling off the bottle would be used to upgrade her kitchen at a local Ronald McDonald house where she volunteers.

Representatives of Bieber still have not spoken up on the issue but Justin had clearly denied such rumors on Twitter. If this were true, it would only prove that Justin in on a downward spiral to the bottom. Hopefully, Justin's much anticipated album release on January 29 named "Believe: Acoustic" would help get "Beliebers" to take their minds off such matters.

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