Justin Bieber's Next Stop is Rehab? Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Should Check into Rehab ASAP

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Justin Bieber is in news ever since the New Year has kick off. Sometimes it's his antics and other times it's his legal troubles but media has never failed to report any mischief that the star is up to. He is only 19 years old and in lot of trouble over the past few weeks. Critics and even his on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez thinks (in one the text message exchanges) that Justin should check into a rehab now. Here are top ten reasons why the "Believe" singer needs to go to rehab.

1.       Justin Bieber has legal cases against him in two countries -- his home country Canada and the United States, where he resides currently. One case has a hearing on Feb. 14 and the other on March 3. Do you think it is a good enough reason for the for Bieber to check into rehab?

2.       There is a petition against Justin Bieber which needs attention from the White House and wants him to be deported back to his hometown in Canada. Various media agencies say the petition has reached enough signatures that it can actually be considered by the Obama administration. The United States does not want him so should he better check in to rehab instead?

3.       Justin Bieber was too drugged to realise that he has been smiling in his mug shot at his recent arrest. The singer confessed to drinking beer and even smoking weed at the studio. He is clearly addicted to illegal substances and spending some time at rehab should not harm him but instead it should improve his addiction habbit. What are your views?

4.       Justin reportedly called Selena by nasty names such as "talentless" and "b-tch" in one of the alleged text exchanges some time back. Selena reportedly dumped him because of some girl named "Kristina." Justin clearly needs to focus on his career than indulging in abusive behaviour. To get his life under control maybe Bieber should get some outside help.

5.       Justin Beiber is reportedly spending too much time with strippers and prostitutes. Media had recently come out with a picture where he was seen sucking the huge fake breasts of a female stripper along with his friend Khalil Sharief. He needs to put an end to this behaviour. Do you think spending some time with psychologists and doctors could help the "believe" singer?

6.       Justin was involved in an "egging' incident with his neighbour and was allegedly accused to destroying his neighbours' property by throwing eggs. A singer of his stature should not indulge in such behaviour. A rehab stint could probably help him control his irrational behaviour.

7.       Justin's entourage along with the singer himself got involved in beating up a limousine driver in December 2013. He has a criminal case pending against him in court. Beating a driver is something which indicates violence and bad behaviour. Justin should probably get some help from the anger management experts to help him change his behaviour.

8.       Justin has hinted twice that he wants to quit music - once when he was on a radio show and other time when he wrote on Twitter. Probably he is feeling the pressure from work and could not handle stress. Maybe spending some time alone can give him the much needed break that he has been so keen on.

9.       Justin is reportedly bragging about taking girlfriend Selena Gomez's virginity to him friends. "Justin told me, 'I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity,'" an insider told RadarOnline. "He said it with no embarrassment or shyness whatsoever." All Justin wants is to get attention from media and be popular among his friends. Do you believe that such kind of behaviour should be controlled?

10.   Justin Bieber is on top of his career. His net worth is in millions and he has been quite successful as a singer too. However the "Baby" hit maker is now on the verge of spoiling his grand career by indulging in meaningless things. He needs to take control of his life if he wants to be successful. Many of his fans, including his ex-girlfriend ( who reportedly texted him to go to rehab) believe that he should check into rehab to get back to normal life.

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