Justin Bieber’s New Songs Tribute for Sizzurp and Selena Gomez? Listen to ‘We Were Born for This’ and ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’

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Justin Bieber Cries in Court
Justin Bieber Cries in Court Reuters

Justin Bieber is allegedly paying his tribute to the mighty concoction of alcohol and cough syrup - sizzurp. He paid his gratitude by composing a new song called "We Were Born For This." On April 28, the singer released two new songs on SoundCloud and the lyrics leave his fans wondering what he is trying to convey. On the other hand, "Hard 2 Face Reality," Justin's second single is about love and perhaps his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Biebs posted his two new songs under the name, Sir Bizzle. According to TMZ, Justin has never talked about sizzurp in his songs but it looks like this time he made an exception. Check out the lyrics below:

"but the boys and the girls

they don't know

what love is like

love is like appreciation

mixed in a double cup of sprite."

The song is just not about sizzurp, Bieber also gives back to the haters.

"You go your way, and I'll go mine / 'cause this is my time and I won't waste it / thinking 'bout what you gotta say / 'cause I'm here to stay."

Song Number 2 by Justin Bieber is About Selena Gomez?

"Hard 2 Face Reality," Justin's new single featuring Poo Bear, talks about young guys facing the challenges of long-distance love.

According to HollywoodLife.com, Justin also mentions Selena Gomez in this new song.

"Look at all the places / places that I've been.

It doesn't come easy / you gotta have strength/

And when it goes down / and it's all said and done

You gotta stand up to them / there's no need to run

And now that I've made it / I won't look back no

Sacrifice what meant the most to me /The most to me

Yes I did."

What do you think is up with Justin Bieber these days? He is going all out to celebrate love and drugs through his songs.

Check out the songs, here

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