Justin Bieber's New Song is About Reuniting With Selena Gomez? A First of Many [LISTEN]

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Justin Bieber has posted a snippet of his new song, "Life is Worth Living Again" on his personal Instagram account on Mar. 15 and not only is it an ode to his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez, there will be a lot more songs about her to come out soon.

According to Hollywood Life, Justin has been showing his sensitive side to Selena by writing love songs for her. "Yes, 'Life is Worth Living Again' was all for Selena and that is not the only song he has written for her. He has written a bunch of other stuff for her, she is his biggest inspiration, a source said. Media and fans speculate that Bieber's newfound happiness is because of Selena reuniting with him.

The song's piano background mid-tempo is sung with full emotions by Bieber, implying that there was such a time when he did not feel like he could still go on. However, the song has an optimistic feel as the chorus reads, "Life is worth living, life is worth living. So live another day." The song's positive vibe is a breath of fresh air for Bieber whose previous single was entitled "Broken." It was released in February when the pop star successively took aim at media and his haters.

The 15-second teaser is very brief and fans look forward to hear the rest that could potenially blow them away. Listen to the snippet here.

Justin and Selena fans are hopeful that the 20-year-old pop star would take the song on tour with Selena. The power couple are reportedly planning for a joint project which couple possibly be the answer to every Jelena fan's dream. "Ticket sales would be through the roof and they desperately need the positive publicity after Justin's bad boy behavior and Selena's stint in rehab," an insider told Star magazine.

The rumoured couple were seen in Selena's home state Texas earlier in March where they had dinner with friends, hung out at a local Starbucks and based on Bieber's posts, had a steamy dance rehearsal. It has been a rough time for both Bieber and Gomez and fans are just hopeful that the two will make music together in the near future.

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