Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend Wanted to Sell Details on Intimate Experience with Canadian Crooner to the Press for $20,000?

By @Ze_Charm on

Did Justin Bieber's newest catch model Chantel Jeffries really want to sell her story to the press for $20,000? According to reports, the emerging model allegedly tried to contact various media outlets to divulge her steamy night with the Canadian pop singer. Jeffries was with the pop singer when the latter got arrested for DUI in Miami. The two rented a yellow Lamborghini and started speeding off under the influence of alcohol. According to sources, the starlet offered to tell her experiences with the controversial singer on the condition that such media outlets paid her a staggering amount of $20,000 as well as a media boost on her burgeoning modelling career.

According to reports, the starlet pulled out when the Canadian pop singer invited her to frolic and bask in the sun in Panama.

However, according to close sources from Chantel's camp, the model never approached any media outlet to air her experience with the controversial pop singer. Chantel's spokesperson said in an interview: " Chantel's attorney and I received multiple appearance requests for Chantel as you can imagine.....none were accepted."

Meanwhile, Chantel's rumored boyfriend, Justin Bieber has been embroiled in countless run-ins with the law. Just a few weeks ago, the star was charged against an egg-pelting incident, which definitely irked his neighbors in California. Consequently, the singer's friend, Lil Za was caught with illegal drugs in Bieber's mansion, where the former was also staying in.

The text feud that erupted between former girlfriend Selena Gomez took the cake as Bieber reportedly called the former Disney star a "talentless p***y." Bieber was enraged when the former Disney star advised the singer to get himself checked in a rehabilitation center. Moreover, the rift between the two was also caused by a non-showbiz girl named Katrina.

However, the two were seen together late this January, although it is not confirmed if the two are still trying to work things out. Close friends of Bieber say that only Selena Gomez has the power over the pop singer-only that now, it seems like the former Disney star is moving on from the relationship.

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