Justin Bieber's Memory Fail, Troubled Singer Forgets Australia Tour; Song Blasted by High Schoolers to Raise $500 Donation [VIDEO]

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Justin Bieber's arrogant behaviour during a court deposition regarding a lawsuit claim against his bodyguard who allegedly mauled a photographer did not pass the scrutinizing eyes of the critics. The singer even claimed that he could not remember if he had been to Australia.

Bieber has been known for being a bad boy in the entertainment industry, fanning scandals from his reputation-breaking activities like drinking and drag racing during unholy hours of the night, vandalizing and smoking marijuana. However, this time, reports said that the singer's attitude slowly becomes unbearable.

During the court deposition on March 6 that lasted for four hours, the singer shows being harsh to the opposition's lawyer while answering his questions. Bieber seemed to be having a memory problem, not remembering aspects of his career including his Australia visits and knowing Usher.

One of the interview highlights is Mark DiCowden, the photographer's attorney, asking Bieber if he had been to Australia. The conversation goes this way.

"Do you remember being in Australia ever?" asks DiCowden.

Interestingly, Justin Bieber replied: "I don't know if I've been to Australia." Facing his lawyer he asked him "Have I been to Australia?"

Bieber's answer was definitely a lie. He had been to Australia many times for concerts, and his recent visit was on November for an eight-show Australia tour. His visit was not a very peaceful one for he got in trouble within the hour of his arrival. He reportedly was given a verbal warning by the Australian Federal Police by using inappropriate language to a female customs officer.

Despite the attitude, Bieber fans stands strong to defend him. In an interview by Fairfax Media about Biebers graffiti on the wall, a fan said that he is "pretty cool" and everything done by him is "pretty amazing." As of this writing, Bieber is on the top of Twitter's trend with a hashtag #JustinAUSTRALIAlovesyou.

Meanwhile, members of the student government of the Tenino High School in Washington have been playing Bieber’s song “Baby” over the intercom for a week now. The goal is annoying students with the song until they will donate some money to raise $500. The donation is for the food and books of 250 orphans being educated by the Crossover International Academy, a sister school of Tenino in Ghana.



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