Justin Bieber's 'Lolly' Bit Propels Raunchy Song to Twitter Fame, Sparks Memes [LISTEN]


"Lolly" featuring Justin Bieber has been in and out of top trending topics on Twitter for over 24 hours now. Avid Bieber fans are celebrating the pop star's rapped verse in the rather raunchy Maejor Ali track. The entire lyrics of the song could not possibly be meant for kids. Justin Bieber is growing up, indeed.

Bieber's bit in "Lolly" goes: Goin' Al Pacino / Like I'm at a Casino / I'm all fancy yeah I'm poppin' Pellegrino... Gotcha girlfriend at my crib / Watching Netflix, Let's just / Admit I'm the bestest." Fans are getting all sort of meaning, but they are generally promoting the sexy content of the song. One fan says the song is bringing out her "inner stripper."

This verse has been increasingly popular over the past 24 hours:

Justin Bieber’s ‘Lolly’ Bit Propels Track to Twitter Fame (Image: Twitter)

VIDEO: 'Lolly' feat. Justin Bieber [LISTEN]

Justin Bieber, 'Lolly' reactions on Twitter

The awkward moment when Lolly isn't even Justin's song... yet he's the only reason why it's good and getting that much attention. Lol oh. - BiebersBrows

Listens to Lolly" *Skips all the way to Justin's part because it's the only relevant part that you actually like from the song.* - JBiebersMelody

Let's be honest here, the only reason why "Lolly" is getting so much attention is bc Justin is in it. - ukbeliebersxo

I only listened to lolly because @justinbieber was rapping. - JessicaColvin14

Going to eat a lollipop and listen to Lolly because Justin would like it - toriplusyou

Can't stop listening to Lolly. God another song added to the list to bring out my inner stripper.... Don't judge me :D - EricaJ_93

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