Justin Bieber’s Father Splits with Mother So He can Party with the Pop Star

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Jeremy Bieber, Justin's father has split from mother of his two children Erin Wagner. Reportedly, he wants to lead the pop star life just like his son.

Jeremy and Erin are living separately but sharing custody of Jazmyn, 5 and Jaxon, 4.

The couple's friends have stated that their relationship has been on the rocks for quite some time now. The rumours of a split have been doing rounds for a while.

The couple has been photographed together until last year. Sources confirm Daily Mail that Erin could not tolerate Jeremy living the starry life. He used to be away for a long time.

Erin tweeted several emotional tweets expressing her unhappiness after Justin's Miami arrest.

On Jan. 16, Erin tweeted a quote picture, "I don't need a perfect one.. I just need someone who can make me feel like I'm the only one."

Only a week later, Justin was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and an expired license in Miami, Florida. He also resisted the arrest. Jeremy was with him on the vacation.

Beliebers blamed Jeremy for being a bad father.

The day after Justin was released from custody, the father and son duo were spotted partying.

This is not the first time for Jeremy. His behaviour has affected his family in the past as well. He separated from Justin's mom, Pattie Mallette, only 10 months after she gave birth to the pop star.

In Pattie's autobiography, "The Only Way Is Up," she claimed that Jeremy was in jail for fighting when Justin was born. She also mentioned that he lets his son down on numerous occasions.

"Jeremy has always been a bad boy. When he first got together with Pattie he was a big drinker and loved to party," said a source to MailOnline.

"He has always adored his son, but he wasn't mature enough to be a responsible parent and his lifestyle meant he couldn't be there for him like a father should be. He got in trouble with the police and would often leave town, sometimes for months at a time."

The source revealed that Jeremy loves Jaxon and Jazmyne but cannot stay away from partying and living the superstar life.

Justin Bieber and Erin Wegner are still good friends.

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