Justin Bieber's Fall from Fame: Is This the End of His Career?

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Justin Bieber is slowly falling from grace and fame following the latest scandal that has rocked his career. Caught under the influence of drugs and marijuana, the Canadian crooner was arrested for over speeding. With the latest DUI on the singer, could this mark the end of his career?

After splitting up from girlfriend of almost three years, Justin Bieber has fallen from grace. It all started with photos of him drinking beer despite being under aged to run-in with the paparazzi. Afterwards, the late entrances to short-cuts in his tours began then come in the brothels and the alleged prostitutes.

Now, the latest includes an investigation with Calabasas cops thanks to an egging attack involving the singer to a DUI arrest. The singer was arrested for over speeding under the influence of alcohol. He was held briefly in Miami jail before being bailed for an amount of $2500.

Rather than looking sullen, the Biebs managed to smile for his mug shot and for his fans waiting outside the Miami jail. While some "Beliebers" are still in denial over what has happened to their idol, some still offer their undying support for the singer. Yet, thanks to Justin's latest antic critics claim this marks the end of his career. In fact, a number of un-"Beliebers" seem to say so including a few celebrities.

"lol and this is only the beginning of the end of his career," writes Roxanne on the report by Ocean Up.

"anyhow as crazy as i am, I don't love laughing at downward spirals. you can love it though," tweets Chrissy Teigen.

"Officially not a Justin Bieber fan anymore. Kid is worthless, I will never support drinking & driving no matter who you are," writes Christopher Rhatigan on Twitter.

Hopefully, Selena and Justin's team does something to help him get out of the rut. If not, this will truly mark the end of his career.

"Everyone around him is urging him to seek help. There is massive concern right now. The concern is we have to figure this out. We have to fix this and do whatever it takes. They think the problem is the people he is hanging out with. He has some issues to work on," says a source to E! News.

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