Justin Bieber's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Up on Domestic Violence

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It's always an eye-opener when artists show videos that promote awareness. However, it means an entirely different thing when an artist shows awareness for something so personal, that she allows an experience from her own life to actually be part of what the word will see. And this is exactly what Jasmine Villegas did for the video of her recently released single "Didn't Mean It".

The 18-year-old, best known for being Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend as well as the love interest of the Canadian teen star in the hit single "Baby," released the single along with a music video that is certainly an eye-opener. The video itself shows clips of the singer, slapped and dragged by her hair, while screaming for help.

Her boyfriend may be played by an unidentified actor, but to portray the said abuse in a video can definitely mean something.

The 18-year old discussed the said relationship and revealed the entire ordeal in her first in-person interview.

"After shedding a tear during the interview, she told us, 'I've never talked about this in person. I'm surprised I got so choked up.'" reported Celebuzz about their exclusive one-on-one interview with Villegas.

Jasmine Villegas was 11 when she was first discovered while singing on the street. Her first professional singing gig was when she sang the American National Anthem for the LA Clippers. Then she appeared in the hit single, "Baby" by Justin Bieber. The two did date briefly, after having her career jumpstart by the said appearance in the music video.

"Villegas then revealed how she finally got out of her violent relationship and offered her advice for other girls who are in the same position." continued Villegas, as quoted by Celebuzz.

The singer did not say anything about the teen heartthrob, but it can be assumed that she was treated with respect since the current relationship Justin Bieber has with Selena Gomez seems to be an extremely blossoming one.

Jasmine Villegas may not be as popular as her ex Justin, but with a million followers on Twitter, she can definitely be a woman of power, alongside Oprah and Lady Gaga, who also carry a lot on their shoulders.

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