Justin Bieber's 'Believe: Acoustic' Hits Top Spot Again

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All the controversies and scandals involving Bieber are definitely not getting in the way of his career. In fact, Justin's newly-released album is hitting the top of the charts which is one "Beliebers" are proud of. "Believe: Acoustic" had debuted at number 1 once again with the numbers rolling in by the minute.

Singing heartbreak and love lost seems to be the way to get a lot of hits which was exactly how Taylor Swift succeeded in the business. Now, Justin Bieber is learning from Swift with his latest hit song, "Nothing Like Us" which is obviously all about Selena Gomez and the famed split.

All thanks to that song, Justin and his acoustic album, "Believe: Acoustic" has reached number 1. Though with five albums released, this shouldn't be surprising. Yet, looking at the numbers, Justin is merely 18-years of age and has over five albums which had continuously topped the charts.

After just a week in stores worldwide, Justin's "Believe: Acoustic" Album had sold over 200,000 copies. The number is sure to triple in the next few weeks following Bieber's acting and hosting stint with Saturday Night Live.

Bieber's popularity grows even more by the minute with all the latest rumors revolving around him. First off, Bieber had allegedly been caught red-handed with sizzurp - a mixture of codeine (cough syrup) and sprite. This had followed weeks after Justin was spotted smoking a blunt.

Even with the "Jelena" reconciliation still high in the air Justin's cheating scandals have also been talk of the town. The latest would be that of Milyn "Mimi" Jensen who apparently is ready to take a shot number two with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez might have remained mum on all the talk but one thing is for sure, the Latina still refers to Justin as the ex-boyfriend. However, the drama doesn't seem to be getting in the way for Bieber. As mentioned, the Canadian crooner is focusing on making things big for his music career. A lot of critics have been saying a lot of things about Bieber's career, most especially his "Believe" tours.

"Each pelvis grab and every finger-point from the Biebs caused an eruption of wails that overpowered the young artist's vocals. The din is impossible to explain. I imagine it's much like being underneath a space shuttle prior to launch - but at Chipmunks pitch. ... His stage presence was assured, moves polished, coyness gone, especially in comparison to his sold-out concert here in 2010. The transformation into an adult soul-pop star, I dare say, is nigh complete," stated Jennifer Chancellor.

The "Believe" World Tour is still on the go with dates beginning on June 2013.

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