Justin Bieber's Baby Drama Resurfaces

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Justin Bieber is facing the baby drama all over again. The "Jelena" break-up rumors haven't even been resolved and now the 18-year old is faced with the same paternity scandal. All thanks to Mariah Yeater's lawyer, "Baby Daddy" Bieber is back on the case.

Having hoards of female fans with a case of obsession isn't new for Justin Bieber. However, what if one of them claims to have been carrying Justin Bieber's "baby?" Ironically, it had to happen to the famous "Baby" singer who had been subject to a paternity scandal all thanks to Mariah Yeater.

Yeater stepped forward with the claim of carrying Bieber's son when the two allegedly got involved in a quick tryst at Justin's October 25, 2010 concert. To shut things up, Justin had reluctantly taken part in the DNA test to prove that he was not the father of Yeater's son. Despite the case already closed, thank Mariah's lawyer to having the case reopened.

"I have not seen [Bieber's] DNA test results or had them scrutinized. If there was a first test, and I have no documentation to say there even was, I wasn't provided with the results. I have not had my demands for an independent DNA test carried out by Mr. Bieber," claimed Jeffery in an interview with the New York Daily News dated November 29.

Things are getting a bit suspicious given Mariah Yeater had pulled out of the case a year ago claiming the claims were all false. Now, Mariah's lawyer is stating things differently and pointing out Justin's insufficiency in closing the case.

"Beliebers" are surely going gaga over the news and if anything, Mariah Yeater will once again be the topic and source of a lot of baby-drama hate.

"For the last year, she has been the victim of death threats, derision and distasteful treatment," explained the source, adding, "Being a single mom is tough enough without being caught up in one of the biggest scandals in pop music."

Mariah did bring this all on her own. Still, does Mariah have anything to do with the case being reopened or is her lawyer, Jeffery Leving, creating a different scandal all on his own?

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