Justin Bieber's 5 Tips to Being the Best 'Boyfriend' to Selena Gomez [VIDEO]

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Justin Bieber may deny that he's the perfect boyfriend but it's fairly obvious that he is just basing everything on his treatment towards his "Mamacita Gomez."

For a few "Beliebers" who need tips on being the best boyfriend, Justin Bieber gives at least five plus shares more on his lady love, Selena Gomez.

The Canadian singer made it to the cover of Seventeen Magazine's Freebie Issue. Apart from opening up about the latest transition of his music, Justin gushed about his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

"I'm just trying to make [Selena] happy, that's all," shared the 18-year old. "I think it's important to make all women feel like they're princesses, because every girl is a princess. I'm serious."

He's definitely dedicated to treating Selena Gomez like a princess from renting the Staples Center to watch "Titanic" to taking her out to Disneyland. Expensive dinner dates to J-shaped diamond rings, Justin has covered it all. So, why all the modesty saying that he isn't the best boyfriend?

"I don't know if I'm even the best boyfriend, but I can give a few suggestions," explained Justin in an interview with MTV News. "I think being honest and patient, because girls can be tough sometimes, so you just got to be patient. That's two. Forgive, and have fun, because it's about having fun. "Last one? Be faithful," added the Bieber.

His mom, Pattie Mallette, must be really proud to have single-handedly raised an awesome son. The same values are pretty much alike with Justin's girlfriend, Selena.

 "If you're in love, you're in love to the fullest, and you just want to go to the movies, hang out and be as normal as possible," said Selena in the newest issue of BOP. "I'm fortunate that I've found someone who has that philosophy.

These two teenagers are lucky in love and by the looks of it, it's going to last a lifetime. That is much as "Jelena" fans would hope for. So for anyone else who's still grappling in the dark about "how to be the best boyfriend", watch the clip and learn from the boy who caused "Bieber Fever" himself.

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