Justin Bieber VS. Manny Pacquiao: Did Bieber have "The Right" to Mock Pacman in Instagram? [PHOTOS]

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He might be a famous singer worldwide, but did Justin Bieber had the right to make fun of Manny Pacquiao just because he's a Mayweather fan?

Sure, Justin Bieber already sold millions of records worldwide, has a solid fan base, and has made a fortune because of his singing. The young superstar might be famous all over the world, but his influence can only go so far. In fact, once a Bieber fan reaches the age of maturity, it's certain that his or her "Bieber fever" will subside.

Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao, the celebrated boxer from the Philippines, had such a humble beginning and is a man of powerful influence in his country. He started out training in local gyms, fighting petty matches, from rags, without the help of a YouTube account or a superstar producer (unlike Bieber). During his hugely successful career in boxing, Pacquiao ran for local government and won as Sarangani's congressman, making him not only a 5-star athlete, but a politician of decent influence.

Pacquiao, hailing from General Santos city, developed his talent and marked his place in boxing solely through his incomparable dedication and hard work: literally taking punches from both his opponents and sports analysts worldwide.

But he didn't have to take anything from Justin Bieber. When Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Miguel Marquez on Dec. 8's match, the singer posted a photo of Pacquiao lying face down on the ring with "The Lion King's" Simba looking over him. Another photo shows the boxer "leaning" beside Michael Jackson. Bieber followed the Instagram posts by writing "He has nothing to gain fighting Pacquiao, Floyd has never in his professional career lost a fight and Pacquiao lost his last two fights" via his Twitter account.

 Is it acceptable for someone who sings about "boyfriends, girlfriends" and other shallow things to criticize like Manny Pacquiao because of a defeat even the athlete himself took gracefully? Fans think the singer got too confident and way over his head, and definitely did not have the right to post those photos of the boxer. Not even if he is merely practicing his "freedom of speech." And what does Bieber know about professional boxing anyway? 

So, did Justin Bieber go "too far?" Do you think he had the right to post those photos and should an apology be expected? Discuss in the comments section below.


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