Justin Bieber Visits Fan Suffering From Lukemia, Leaves Pot Issue Behind [PHOTOS]


Stern to put his pot smoking issues in the dark, pop sensation Justin Bieber continues to inspire his fans by visiting Millie Flamm, a 7-year-old Belieber battling Lukemia before performing onstage.

Over the weekend, Justin made a fan's day bright with a shiny surprise. Before stepping onstage for a concert in Utah, Justin Bieber made a stop in Salt Lake's Primary Children's Medical Center to visit a young fan who has been struggling with Lukemia for the past 3 years. Millie Flamm is a self-confessed "Belieber," and has always wished to meet her idol.

When the singer visited his fan, he re-tweeted photos of Flamm sitting on his lap, with their cheeks side to side. Flamm blushed and grinned when Bieber kissed her on the cheek, and made her day even better when he sang a song for her.

Later that day, Bieber went on performing for his fans and tweeted "Back home on stage today, focused."

Since last month, Justin has been receiving negative press for a string of controversies. Following his break-up with Selena Gomez, the singer was caught smoking pot through a stolen shot. Photos of him surfaced smoking marijuana quickly surfaced online after they were taken.

Could this be a fake publicity to cover his undesirable actions, or is it a genuine act of goodness? What do you think? Voice out your opinions in the comments section below. 

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