Justin Bieber Turning Into Zombie and Soon to Die, Claims Former Housekeeper [Video]

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Justin Bieber is turning into a zombie. That is exactly what his former housekeeper claimed.

Tatiana Voziouk is terrified of the possibilities that Bieber may be turning into a zombie. She used to be the housekeeper in Bieber's mansion in Southern California. Ms Voziouk told The Mirror (U.K.) that she had stumbled upon marijuana, prescription drugs and "sizzurp" - the fatal combination of soft drinks and codeine-based cough syrup in the mansion. She expressed her terrible apprehension that Bieber might end up being like Michael Jackson. She did not mean that Bieber become as iconic as MJ but she indicated that he might kill himself due to drug overdose. "Belieb it or not" - Bieber is turning into a zombie due to the influence of hangers-on and drugs, Ms Voziouk claimed.

Ms Voziouk said it was "heart-breaking" to know where Bieber might be heading to. She said that she decided to speak up since she cared for the 19-year-old youngster. She made some shocking revelation that a legal pharmaceutical company delivered marijuana to Bieber at home, pretending it was to be used for medical purposes. She claimed that she found "codeine"-based cough syrup as well. She was also instructed not to touch any of his bottles nor was she allowed to throw those away.

On the other hand, Ms Voziouk also said that she had never seen Bieber drink from the scattered bottles. However, he enquired her about the bottles at times. She demanded that marijuana was used in the form of candies, lollipops and cookies - which were always found in plenty in the mansion.

Ms Voziouk said that she once tried asking Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, and mother, Pattie Mallette, to intervene. However, they did not do anything. She said that Bieber used to be a "sweetheart." He was considerate, kind and talented once upon a time. Now, she felt, Bieber is a "lost boy."

Ms Voziouk believes that Bieber may also suffer an untimely death like Jackson or Elvis Presley for similar reasons.

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