Justin Bieber Tries to Catch Selena Gomez's Attention by Liking Her Instagram Selfie

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"Jelena" fans have recently raised their hopes that there will be a possible reconciliation between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, after a tweet circulated about them spending time together in Canada. While that report has not been confirmed, Hollywood Life is now reporting that Justin Bieber is making his presence felt to Selena Gomez by liking her selfie on Instagram. Selena Gomez has not reacted to the like, but fans think this speak volumes on what Justin feels for Selena.

According to OceanUp, Selena's selfie of her being really pretty and carefree was liked by Justin Bieber. He and Selena Gomez may have broken up, but this does not stop him from liking the picture anyway and showing his appreciation.

Hollywood Life reports that Selena Gomez really looked gorgeous at the picture so it comes as no surprise that the young Canadian singer will go ahead and click like. In fact, Justin Bieber is a well known connoisseur of pretty ladies, one reason why he and Selena Gomez broke up in the first place.

Still, this could also mean Justin Bieber is really missing Selena Gomez big time, especially now that he's facing a lot of flak for his racist videos. Hollywood Life claims that no matter what the reason Justin Bieber has for liking this selfie, it goes to show that Selena Gomez has not left his mind and heart completely yet.

A previous report by the same site claimed that Selena Gomez is not as successful in moving on either. She's still using her anger as a method to get over Justin Bieber because otherwise, she will not be able to.

"It's not a cut and dried situation, even after everything he's done to her she does still care about him, but she's also really, really angry at him and she should be," a source tells Hollywood Life. Selena's BFF's totally support her cause, too. "Her friends are all telling her to use her anger to get over the pain and Selena is trying to do that," Hollywood Life earlier reported.

Aside from not being mature and committed, Justin Bieber also had the gall to claim Selena Gomez's career success was all because of him.

"One thing Justin used to always throw in her face when they fought was how much he helped her career," Hollywood Life claims.Certainly, it would take more than just liking her pics for Selena Gomez to pay attention to Justin Bieber again, the site deduces.

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