Justin Bieber Trial: After Selena Gomez, Singer’s Bodyguard to Testify; Bieber Working on a Plea Deal?

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Justin Bieber Cries in Court
Justin Bieber Cries in Court Reuters

Since his arrest in Miami, Thursday, Jan. 23, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber might not be going to trial for his Miami DUI after all. Source close to the singer told TMZ that Bieber is close to reaching a plea deal after ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez was summoned to testify.

The singer's camp is currently brewing a plan to plead no contest to reckless driving, resisting arrest, DUI and driving with a suspended license charges to the prosecution. It was reported on February that the 20-year-old pop star rejected a plea deal offered by the prosecution, and now after a month of trial the singer had a change of heart, according to a post in UPI.com.

The plea deal was offered because of a clause in the probation terms where he needed to submit to random drug testing for six to nine months. But according to TMZ, the said clause has been removed from the current deal and the singer will end up in a one year probation eve if he takes the plea deal.

A May 5 trial date has been set for the "Boyfriend" singer for his Miami DUI case after he was arrested in the Sunshine State on Jan. 23. According to prosecutor Daniel Diaz-Balart no plea was offered to the pop singer who pleaded not guilty to all his charges, Montreal Gazette reports.

"All we're going to say is, we're going to prepare for a trial and that Mr. Bieber has pleaded not guilty," says Bieber's attorney Roy Black when asked about the plea deal and revealed that there is no deal offered to his client.

Bieber was arrested with R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff during the Jan. 23 arrest and Sharieff has a separate trial date on April 7 on his DUI charge. The singer also pleaded not guilty.

Singer's Bodyguard to Testify

After summoning Selena Gomez to testify on Justin Bieber's trial, the singer's ex-bodyguard Moshe Benabou was subpoenaed to testify on his paparazzi lawsuit. The trial is scheduled next week where Benabou was tasked to give his account on the alleged brawl.

The photographer lawsuit is related to a case filed by snapper Jeffrey Binion whom Justin allegedly attacked. The ex-bodyguard who also filed his own lawsuit against the singer is ordered to appear to answer questions in the civil case.

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