Justin Bieber Topless while partying with famous rappers P. Diddy, T.I. and many more!

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Justin Bieber Cries in Court
Justin Bieber Cries in Court Reuters

Justin Bieber is making headlines again as he was seen partying just recently at the Vanquish nightclub alongside many rappers and musicians such as P. Diddy, T.I., Jermaine Dupri, Lil Scrappy, Wale, Rick Ross and many more. Bieber was also spotted getting cosy with his fling, Chantel Jeffries, a Miami-based model.

The 19-year old Canadian star tried to look cool without his shirt on, as tons of tons of tattoos on his body greeted the paparazzi. Bieber's wild partying came under fire when he was recently pictured sucking the nipples of a stripper, along with his friend. The two were controversially seen holding each boob, while they did not think twice to sensually put it in their mouth.

Police have arrested Justin Bieber for his alleged driving under influence in Miami. He was with his lady love Chantel Jerries during the time of the arrest. Moreover, Bieber had another run in with the law, after his neighbors charged him and his entourage for an apparent egg-pelting incident.

According to reports by the Daily Mail, there were traces of marijuana and Xanax in his system. The news of Bieber's partying came out after he and his entourage allegedly maltreated a female attendant on a private jet where she was forced to hide in a cockpit. Moreover, according to reports, Bieber's group apparently smoked so much marijuana that the pilots and other staff had to wear oxygen masks during the flight.

Despite warnings from the pilot himself to tone down on the raucousness, Bieber and his entourage continued the verbal assault directed towards the female flight attendant. The 19-year old Baby singer and his father boarded the private jet to Teteboro airport to catch the much anticipated Super Bowl competition. In the end, the pilot just assigned the flight attendant to stay near him in the cockpit so that Bieber and his group would not harass her.

Bieber has a number of criminal cases under his belt. He has one criminal case in Florida and one in his native country Canada. Reports say that should Bieber have another run-in with the law, the United States of America could potentially withdraw his visiting rights and completely deport him back to Canada. 

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