Justin Bieber Texting Selena Gomez 'Like Crazy'

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Someone sure as heck isn't letting the break-up go smoothly as it should be. Justin Bieber has allegedly been spamming Selena Gomez's' phone inbox with "take me back" texts. Given Selena was the one who had dumped Bieber, it sure is hilarious to see Bieber going crazy and cray over the 20-year old Latina. Still, how true are the rumors?

Justin Bieber might not look like he's heartbroken but the latest news of him getting pulled over for over speeding all points to bad break-up behavior. As much as "Beliebers" refuse to believe that Justin is unaffected by the "Jelena" spit, Justin has got it bad. New rumors have once again sprouted out of the dirt. Tabloids are saying that Justin has been texting Selena Gomez like crazy.

"Justin Bieber has been texting Selena Gomez non-stop since she broke up with him and begging her to get back together," reports Radar Online.

So Justin might have not realized Selena's worth until everything was a bit too late. Sources close to the couple say that Selena was quite the jealous girlfriend but Justin Bieber had simply passed it off as over exaggeration. Ironically, Justin is the one crawling back to Gomez now that she's dumped him. Yet, other sources claim otherwise.

"Justin is going to get through this. It's not the end of the world. He's no different than other young loves because they make-up and they break-up. There's nothing going on with Barbara. It is all just part of his life because he is famous and in the limelight. This is something he would like to keep private," says a source to Celebuzz.

With all the rumors circulating over the break-up, it's surprising that fans still haven't gotten tired of the big "Jelena" split. Among the rumors up the mill, Justin had allegedly proposed to Selena only to be duped twice. Others include Justin being overly jealous of a onscreen photo taken of Nat Wolff and Selena kissing on the set of "Feed the Dogs."

Hopefully, Justin and Selena do manage to do a "Robsten"-like reconciliation for their desperate fans. If not, well, there are definitely a lot of female "Beliebers" willing to say "yes" to the 18-year old Canadian crooner.

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