Justin Bieber Still Has Not Resolved Commitment Issues, Selena Gomez Cannot Take It Anymore

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Selena Gomez is left heartbroken by Justin Bieber again. The reason? The Canadian singer's commitment issues - again. This time, Justin Bieber broke a promise to move in with Selena Gomez and be her protector, and Selena Gomez cannot take being lied to again. Is a breakup in the midst?

"Justin promised he would move in with her and be her so-called 'protector,' but he has bailed on that idea," says a source to Hollywood Life. For Selena Gomez, who is currently in a fragile state, having her boyfriend bail out on the idea of protecting her is a low blow.

"This came as a complete shock to Selena. Once again he has broken her heart. It's the same old thing, he begs for her forgiveness and promises her the sun and the moon, but doesn't follow through," the report continues.

Selena Gomez is far from being unhealthy and weak. She has her own life in front of the camera and behind it. She has a lot of friends and she had won numerous awards for being a good singer, a good actress and just for simply being cute. That is why, many do not understand why she is putting her health in line when she entered a toxic relationship with Justin Bieber again. But then, Justin Bieber can be a sweet talker, he would not have legions of girl fans if he is not. Ironically, he can be quite the actor showing his "sincerity" for Selena.

However, the guy has serious commitment problems and this affects Selena Gomez greatly.  Selena is not merely angry by the broken promise of Justin living with her, but with the whole hot and cold attitude that Justin is displaying.

"It's not just about moving in with her. It's the whole commitment thing. He's just hot and cold," the source says. "And she had a disappointing Easter. Justin did not invite her to Japan. He said he wanted alone time with his mom, and Selena takes that as, 'Justin wants his freedom so he can hook up with girls!"

Taylor Swift might have been quite harsh and controlling when she asked Selena Gomez to lose the idea of reconciling with Justin Bieber or lose her. Yet, some friends and family of the "Come and Get It" singer are now seeing the same thing as the "Red" singer has seen early on. 

"Selena is a train wreck," a friend of the 21-year-old singer shared "If she doesn't get away from Justin and get herself in check, it's only a matter of time before something tragic happens to her."

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